Heavy damage wrought by Israeli assassination of anti-occupation youth

Jumaat, 14 Disember 2018 2:25:07 PG

Live snapshots released on Thursday have revealed the damage inflicted by the Israeli occupation military on a Palestinian home during an operation to assassinate anti-occupation attacker Ashraf Na’luwa.

Blood stains figure on the walls of a home belonging to the Palestinian Bushkar family in Askar al-Jadid camp in Nablus; holes dug by barrages of Israeli live ammunition and wrecks of destroyed windows and blown up doors figure in the live pictures.

Shortly after the assault, dozens of Palestinians took to the streets in Askar al-Jadid refugee camp, speaking out against Israel’s horrendous crimes against the Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation forces assassinated Ashraf Na’luwa at dawn Thursday, following a military operation in Askar refugee camp in Nablus city.

Na’luwa is accused of carrying out the deadly anti-occupation shooting attack on October 7 in Barkan industrial zone in Ariel settlement near Salfit city in the occupied West Bank.

Source: Palestinian Information Center