Israel to evict five families from building in Sheikh Jarrah

Ahad, 13 Januari 2019 1:34:50 PG

The execution office of Israel’s enforcement and collection authority has ordered a Palestinian family who owns an apartment building in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, east of Occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem), to evacuate five families living in there and  turn over the property to Jewish settlers by January 23.

According to the Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), al-Sabbagh family filed a law suit at the Israeli district court in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) in 2012 against the claim by settler groups that they own the land of the building in Sheikh Jarrah.

Even though al-Sabbagh family provided the court with evidence proving its ownership of the land and that the setter groups’ land registration process done in 1972 was illegal and not correct and therefore their claim of ownership of that plot is null and void, the court ruled in favor of the settlers.

The family, through its lawyers, appealed the ruling to the high court on November 15, 2018, which rejected the appeal and upheld the district court’s verdict.

The family’s lawyers re-appealed the high court’s ruling by asking for a five-judge panel instead of three, and this was rejected as well, which left the eviction of the five families imminent, the Civic Coalition said.

Source: Palestinian Information Center