Be the next Palestine Ambassador

Isnin, 18 November 2019 9:45:21 PG

The ‘Palestine Ambassador’ initiative is a free online program that will prepare supporters of the Palestinian cause with the knowledge and skills to raise awareness about the state and its ongoing occupation by Israel.

Available in Arabic, English, and Spanish, those who register for the program will undergo a nine-month remote course, in which they can access documentaries and literature about Palestine and its history, in addition, to live webinars and active discussion boards.

How to be Palestine Ambassador?

1.  You can Register now and start learning:  

2.  Study, watch and discuss (Units are available Online), You can also discuss with other students here. 

3. Pass the Exam the first week of May 2020.

Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia is the partner to the Palestine Ambassador initiative 

we are inviting all of you to join this E-learning free platform

For more information please contact us through 

join Palestine Ambassador(Malaysia) Whatsapp Group

Source: Pal Ambassador