Israel has Forced 20 Jerusalem Families to Demolish Their own Homes in 2020

Isnin, 22 Jun 2020 5:39:25 PG

New statistical figures, released by the Jerusalem-based Center for Economic and Social Rights, show that since early 2020, Israeli occupation authorities have forced 20 Palestinian households in Jerusalem, to knock down their own newly-built homes themselves.

Director of the center, Ziyad Alhamoury, confirmed that the demolition orders issued by the Israeli authorities in the occupied Jerusalem, came under the pretext of building without permission.

Those families in the occupied Jerusalem, have been forced to carry out the demolitions on their own, for fear of high demolition fees, imposed by the Israeli municipality, when these authorities want to demolish a certain Palestinian home, Israel alleges it has been built without permission”, said Alhamoury.

He added that Israeli demolitions of Palestinian-owned homes and apartments, have notably increased since the beginning of 2020.

The Israeli demolition policy against Palestinian residents, is just one dimension of the Israeli occupation’s total dominance over Jerusalem, where Israel maintains full control as the occupying power, since 1967.

Currently as many as 100,000 Palestinian residents live in Jerusalem, under complete Israeli control, continuously violating United Nations’ Security Council resolution 242 from 1967.

This resolution demanded the so-called Israeli state, to immediately withdraw from the Arab-Palestinian city, in addition to the remainder of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, along with the Syrian Golan Heights and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, which Israel also occupied, back in June of the same year.

Source: International Middle East Media Center