School Bag Project

Rabu, 21 November 2018 6:03:44 PG

We don't just help the children of Palestinians survive, we want to give them a future. More than 750,000 children returned to school this year and many still do not have basic school supplies. Imagine being a student without a bag and book.

Let us put a smile on these kids’ faces and keep them in school. With your help, we are delivering school bags with stationery for 200 students from the poorest families in the city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem).  

Most of the families of Al Quds (Jerusalem) are unable to provide the basic necessities of their lives under a policy of systematic impoverishment since 77% were living below the poverty line. Children of Al-Quds, normally go to their schools with the minimal of stationery as they are prepared to cope with this reality.

What shall I do to support the school bag project?

  • Enable poor students at the beginning of the school year.
  • Help Al Quds families receive the new academic year and ease the burden on them. 

What can I contribute?


  What I offer

  RM 200

  One bag.

  RM 200

  The cost of the basic stationery that the bag is equipped with.

  RM 400

 Sponsoring one bag equipped with stationary.


 Sponsoring 1000 school bags equipped with stationary.