Al-Quds Day at Insaniah University - Kedah

Isnin, 29 April 2019 5:22:54 PG

On 23 January 2017, QFM concluded its program "Al-Quds Day at Insaniah University" in the state of Kedah in northern Malaysia by launching Al-Quds Student Club on the initiative of the Foundation and with the blessing of the university president.

The program was opened, Dato Prof. Fakhruddin bin Abdul Muti, President of the University, stressing the importance of Palestine and Al-Quds, and talked about the role of Malaysia in the support of Palestine and its cause, calling on students and employees to benefit from the program. A program organized by the foundation in cooperation with the university presidency included several sections that included the lecture "Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa in the clutch of Judaization", exhibition of pictures and video presentations and a panel discussion about "The role of students in the victory of Al Aqsa" and the launch of the initiative of Al Quds Club.