We Safeguard Al-quds


* Murabiteen A group of men and women from Al-Quds city and its surroundings, who dedicated their time and life to Al-Aqsa by being present at it all the time in order to peacefully hamper the spatial and temporal division of Al-Aqsa.     They also aim to prevent radical settlers from taking over the Mosque. Frequently, they face numerous obstacles and harassments apart from the punitive measures from the “Israeli” authorities that prevent them from being present.

How Israel Fights the Murabiteen* of Al-Aqsa ?

  • Banning Ribat and considering it illegal.
  • Deporting Murabiteen outside Masjid Al-Aqsa.
  • Deporting Murabiteen outside Al-Quds city (old city).
  • Banning Murabiteen from travelling.
  • Arresting Murabiteen at Al-Aqsa and accusing them of chanting “Allah Akbar” in  the face of Jewish radicals who stormed Al-Aqsa.
  • Arrest and trial. Summoning Murabiteen for repeated interrogation and in a harmful way.
  • Detaining Murabiteen for days without a charge.
  • Verbal and physical assaults against Murabiteen such as swearing, beating and lynching.
  • Holding Murabiteen’s IDs.
  • Storming their houses.
  • Preventing medical insurance coverage for Murabiteen and their families.
  • Threatening to take Murabiteen’s children and sending them to orphanages.

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